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Emma Vieceli is lovely. That is an undisputed fact, and if you were previously unaware of this, well it’s a sad day when you don’t learn something new. Her talent and enthusiasm for her craft, her passion for making comics that tell stories shine out every time you pick up her work. Did I mention, in addition, that’s she’s lovely? Ok, just checking.

Emma was once six feet two. She never talks about why she’s no longer six feet two.

Title: The Train Didn’t Come
Word: festivity
Challenger: Emma Vieceli
Length: 200 words exactly

He was on his own; that was the first surprise.

When the Prime Minister had informed her that he was visiting and wished a private meeting, the President had expected at least a small retinue. But the Prime Minister had arrived alone, unaccompanied even by security personnel.

She welcomed him into the large oval room, attempting to conceal her curiosity, sure that her aides were calling their British contemporaries.

They greeted each other with wary friendliness, each knowing that they were not the other’s preferred choice for their position.

And then he showed her the proof, the confirmed, definitive and substantiated proof: Santa Claus existed. Moreover, a verified message from him, stating baldly that they had both been very naughty, very naughty indeed. Not only them, of course: every head of government (with the puzzling exception of the President of the Marshall Islands).

The President’s eye caught the tree by her desk, decorated with birds and baubles, and she shivered, though it was not cold; despite the date, festivity no longer seemed appropriate.

She nodded at the man, then placed the suggested telephone call. “Dimitri? Yes, it’s me. We have to talk in person. I’m coming to see you. Alone.”

© Lee Barnett, 2013

This story is part of The Twelve Days of Fast Fiction (More information on the Twelve Days here)
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