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Online idiocy

Posted: 14 January 2015 in going cheep, internet, writing
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Not often I cross-post to here from going cheep, but this one’s worth it, I think…

Online idiocy

Every so often, an event occurs that brings the idiots out from cover and they spread their idiocy over social media with all the subtlety and tact of a bull elephant on heat. One of the stranger things about such idiots is that whereas an expert in one field may not be an expert in another, idiots tend to be multi-subject idiots.

So, as happened to me last night, you get an idiot complaining that David Cameron doesn’t know anything about Magna Carta by saying that habeous corpus came from Magna Carta. It didn’t; it came from the Assize of Clarendon, roughly fifty years before the first Magna Carta. What’s that? You didn’t know that there was more than one? Yeah, the first one, the one that everyone knows about was in 1215. Then it was repealed and then decades later, there was another one in 1297. Yeah, the first one was repealed. And, as David Allen Green has shown, there’s not a single part of current English/British Law that comes from Magna Carta; there’s not a single recorded case decided on the provisions of Magna Carta.

So, yeah, ok, I came across an idiot pontificating upon the merits of Magna Carta without knowing anything about it.

But wait, her idiocy and ignorance wasn’t limited to historical documents that have no effect upon today’s legal systems. It went further, into jewish conspiracies and how the Jews were [in part] to blame for people hating Jews because the Jews own all the banks and operate usury. And her victim blaming didn’t stop there: she blamed women for getting raped, and called for laws to abolish no-fault divorce, allow infanticide, and oh, the idiocy continued and continued. She wants to reintroduce public executions and public floggings.

Ah, social media. More proof, were it ever to be needed, that no matter how many endangered species there are on this wonderful planet of ours, we’ll never run short of idiots.