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Steven Shaviro is an academic who writes on culture and language, and does so in a way that prizes both but never uncritically. His works always teach me something; more importantly, they teach me things that I didn’t previously know I needed to learn. He’s also a very funny man, and I’m never quite sure sometimes just how far his tongue is in his cheek.

Steven knows the secret art of marking test papers; he smiles enigmatically whenever anyone else claims to know it.

Title: An Immense Pecuniary Mangle
Word: silence
Challenger: Steven Shaviro
Length: 200 words exactly

The shadows of a late January dusk had long faded, replaced by the dark mysteries of night, when she reached the warehouse. She swiped her keycard, then smiled as the small light turned from red to green, the symbolism appealing to her. A short click, surprisingly loud in the silence that surrounded her, and the door opened.

Closing it behind her, she could hear machinery now, the pleasant mixed odours of ink and oil hitting her at once. There were four of them waiting for her, and she nodded in their direction, before shrugging off her coat, letting it fall where she stood.

A short distance away lay the piles of banknotes: her money, if only temporarily in her care. She pulled out the four envelopes from her back pocket and handed them over. Her boss could arrange anything, she’d promised. She always enjoyed the look in each of their eyes as they individually read the proof.

Then she was alone. She whistled, twice. And waited for her conspirator to arrive.

Rudolph would be here soon. And shortly thereafter, once again, all the children’s presents, all their gifts, would be paid for.

Poor Santa, she mused; if he only knew…

© Lee Barnett, 2014

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