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Universal appeal

Posted: 13 November 2011 in internet, personal, quotes
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Stand outside on a clear night and look up. That’s the universe up there looking back at you. It’s something pretty special.

Today, while driving, I heard the latest episode on Radio 4 of The Museum of Curiosity, and one of the participants was Lucie Green, a British solar researcher based at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of University College London. Her ‘specialised subject’ is the study of solar coronal mass ejections.

And that reminded me of a comment quoted by many people recently, including a Mr Ellis of Southend

Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when our footprints are on the moon.

And that reminded me of one of my favourite ever quotes. Writing a piece covering the ludicrous situation the occurred when a teacher was not allowed by his school authorities to take his class outside an annular eclipse, journalist Sue Nelson commented

When children have their noses in books while the Universe is telling them to come out and play, we know something is going badly wrong

“while the Universe is telling them to come out and play.”

Yeah – the Universe is constantly telling us to come out and play, you know.

And education about the Universe is important, such as Monty Python’s wonderful Galaxy Song:

But, and it’s an important “but”, you should ensure your education is accurate. And for that, we need to go to someone like Paul Kohlmiller, who has analysed the Galaxy Song for us and judged its veracity.

I like it more every time I read it.

Enjoy the Universe – it’s where you’re living. Don’t forget to play in it once in a while.