2020 Saturday Smile: Stay home edition…

Posted: 4 April 2020 in saturday smiles

Silliness, even in the roughest of times, the worst of days, is never unimportant. Indeed, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate silliness as one of the best, the most superlative, things about humanity.

And especially right now, we can do with silliness. Fuck me, can we do with some silliness. So, while not all of the videos below are of the ‘stay the hell at home’, some…? Yeah, some are.


I’ve got to start with the obvious this week: Mitch Benn’s exhortation to do right now what the government tells us to in his usual subtle way.

And following Mitch Benn, here’s Samuel L Jackson (and how often do you get to say that?) with essentially the same message.

And here’s Smon Pegg and Nick Frost, redoing that scene from Shawn of the Dead

Plenty of people are doing silly videos. I did like this one…

And since The Edinburgh Fringe has been cancelled this year, this is what you’d be missing….

See you tomorrow, with something else.

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