2022 minus 06: And so this is Christm— erm, Boxing Day…

Posted: 26 December 2021 in 2022 minus, Christmas, saturday smiles
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Despite today being Sunday, you’re getting two sets of smiles this weekend. In part because I didn’t have a great Christmas, and I figure this is as a good excuse as any for an ‘in case of emergency break glass’ post.

I mean, I didn’t have a horrible Christmas, I hasten to add. I just didn’t have a Christmas at all. And while usually, that doesn’t matter… after this trash fire of a year, this year it kind of did.

So yeah, I’m not really in the mood to write anything of import today. And I figured that maybe finding some smiles for you lot would, I dunno, help.

So here are four more Christmas based videos that hopefully give you a smile.


This one amuses me more than it possibly should. It very much is as if she’s thinking ‘at last, someone who speaks my language…’

After Star Trek’s All I Want For Christmas Is Q, here’s the first of them all: Make It So

I’ll lay good money that a fair few of you have watched The Muppet Christmas Carol. If you haven’t, why the hell not? Here, let the trailer for it convince you…

MItch Benn, with The True Meaning Of Christmas

See you tomorrow, with… something else.

Sixty-one days. Sixty-one posts. One 2022 scarily rapidly approaching.

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