GE2015 minus 21: count yourself lucky…

Posted: 17 April 2015 in fast fiction, fiction, general election 2015, politics
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This is really yesterday’s piece, but various things caught up with me, swamped me, and then overwhelmed me to the point where I just didn’t get a chance to write anything for yesterday’s daily entry. So, while there’ll be a piece later today being ‘today’s entry, here’s a piece of short fiction about election outcomes…

Title: The Figurehead Wept
Length: 200 words exactly

As the television news related the results of the election, the man wept.

It had been a hard campaign: the politicians knew it, those in the media knew it, and the public knew it. Despite the government being among the most unpopular in recent years, the length of their continuous service lent a veneer of respectability to their fervent cries of being the only people the voters could trust.

As he heard the noise in the streets, the man wept.

Marketed as the only way to vote for true patriots, wrapped in the flag, the government had fought the dirtiest and nastiest crusade for vote-gathering that any alive could recall. Nothing had been beyond those charged with winning the election: blackmail became by the end of the campaign the first option rather than the last resort it had once been.

As he thought of the past few weeks, the man wept.

The past and soon to be reconfirmed Prime Minister, leader of his party, looked at the death list he’d prepared. And wept.

And then, as he considered the future, the man wiped his eyes dry.

Then, unable to help himself, the laughter recommenced, his eyes filled, and he wept.

© Lee Barnett, 2009

Back later…

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