55 plus 20: Waitwhatnow? What did I miss?

Posted: 6 September 2019 in 55 plus, news
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One of the things that never ceases to amaze, please and distress me all at the same time is the always-on connection to the news.

I’ve ben a news junkie for as long as I can recall. I mean, there are stories of me as a kid transfixed by whatever was on television at the time, whether it was Play School, Thunderbirds or The News.

My dad apparently made some sort of comment about ‘time for bed’ when I was a young child, watching the news, having no idea who these people were, or what the story was… and me being insistent that I had to watch until the end of the tv programme, or it didn’t count.

(Yes, it has occurred to me more than once that this was just a way for a very young me to avoid ‘bedtime’, and there’s probably something to that.)

But yes, once upon a time, we found out the news at scheduled times, and the idea that I could access ‘news’ at any point, about anything… well, I’m not saying at that tender age it would have been that important, but certainly by the time I was a teenager, it would have seemed perfect to me.

Well, now I can, and it’s not perfect at all, by any means.

And no, I don’t mean the biases in certain ‘news’ broadcasts, and on certain ‘news’ websites, although that’s obviously a problem, a given, so to speak.

No, I speak – or at least write – of the feeling I get when I’m away from the news even briefly.

I had a haircut this morning. Thanks, yeah, it did go well.

But while I was sat in the chair, or having my hair washed, or chatting with the hairdresser, a lovely lady who regularly manages the almost impossible task of making me look good, I was… offline. Oh, my phone was connected, but I wasn’t looking at it. And even had something of vital importance been occurring, I’d not have picked up the phone to see.

But, as soon as it was done, as soon as I left the salon, having booked the next appointment, out came the phone, and in short order, BBC News website was opened and read, then Twitter was opened and checked.

There wasn’t even a conscious thought; I just did it automatically.

Now, I’m a huge advocate of ‘it’s a sad day when you don’t learn someting’, but did I learn anything?

Anything important?

Not really. Some more developments in stories i knew about because I’d read about them before I went to get my hair cut. Some new commentary on the same stories. Some

I’d never insult those fighting serious addictions to attach the word lightly to my own desire for news on an ongoing basis, and my feeling of missing out when I’m prevented – even for a brief moment – from being able to instantly see and hear what’s happening.

But yeah, it”s probably not the healthiest frame of mind in which to love.

huh. I meant to type live there, not love. But you know what, it also applies.

Something else tomorrow…

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