55 plus 46: 30-Day Song Challenge

Posted: 2 October 2019 in 55 plus, music
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Well, that was fun…

It’d been ages since I’d done one of these, and seeing various friends do it, and my missing #ThisIsMyJam, I figured why not.

The rules were simple.

Basically, this:

So, since it’s kind of nice to have a permanent record of such things, this is what I chose:

DAY 01: A song with a colour in the title.

Plenty there could be, but this is the song that immediately sprung to mind.

Paint It Black | The Rolling Stones.



DAY 02: A song you like with a number in the title

Well, it’s repeated but it’s a single number.

Officially entitled “Win 1 Lose 1” | Mitch Benn



DAY 03: A Song that reminds you of summertime

Yeah, this… one of my favourite songs anyway. Was going to save this for later, but… naah.

Walking On Sunshine | Katrina and The Waves


DAY 04: A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

A hard one. Because of painful memories? Or someone I occasionally & unexpectedly remember, and it always throws me, a lot.

For all sorts of reasons, though:

I Can Dream | Skunk Anansie


DAY 05: A song that needs to be played loud

What else?

Shout | Lulu


DAY 06: A song that makes you want to dance

OK, that’s just not fair. I mean, I don’t dance. At all. I just don’t.

So here’s one I did dance to, and still love: Laura and I started our marriage to it.

When You Tell Me That You Love Me | Diana Ross


DAY 07: A song to drive to

Hmm. Could be loads, depending on my mood. And usually, it’d be an audiobook anyway.

But let’s go for this one, always a good one to belt out loud in the car.

The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) | Cher


DAY 08: a song about drugs or alcohol

Ok, one song jumps to the fore and, while this is far from the best version, you can never go wrong with The Muppets, esp with Peter Sellers as a guest.

Cigarettes and Whiskey


DAY 09: a song that makes me happy

My late brother sang and played the guitar, with more enthusiasm than talent, but he did singalongs with his 2 yngr brothers. Here’s one he liked playing, a lot.

Help Me Make It through the Night | Kristofferson/Coolidge


DAY 10: a song that makes you sad

Any songs that qualify are ones that remind me of a rough, or bad, time. Or at least just a rough time in my head, in my soul.

So, no details, but… yeah.

Alone Again (Naturally) | Gilbert O’Sullivan


DAY 11: a song you never get tired of

Kind of implies a long-loved song, a very long loved song. So something from way back.

Here’s something I’ve loved since the moment I heard it.

Georgy Girl | The Seekers


DAY 12: a song from your pre-teen days

Well, could be anything from pre-1977, but I’ll take this from 1969, which I remember falling in love with as a song the moment I heard it.

It’s Getting Better | Cass Elliot


DAY 13: a song you like from the 70s

Despite being destroyed by so many keyboard players over the decades, the original from 1973 still holds up for me.

Piano Man | Billy Joel


DAY 14: a song you’d love to have played at your wedding

Hmm. Two problems with this: (1) I’m NEVER getting married again, (2) I already had what my ex-wife and I opened the dancing to as Day 06.

But here’s one for you.

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face | Roberta Flack


DAY 15: a song you like that’s a cover by another artist

Plenty to choose from, because oft times I prefer the cover to the original.

Here’s one of them I really like.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside | Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews


DAY 16: a song that’s a classic favourite

I… have… no… idea… what… that… means…


A song that everyone likes? One that’s regarded by most people as a fantastic song? “Happy birthday”?



Mad About The Boy | Dinah Washington


DAY 17: a song you’d sing with someone on karaoke

Y’see, I’m worried, terrified, that if I say ANYTHING, Kirsty Newton will drag me up on stage for Kirsty’s Singalong when it restarts.

But OK:

Well, Did You Evah? | Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra


DAY 18: a song from the year you were born

OK, well, I’m lucky here. 1964 was a pretty good year for music.

Let’s go for a singalong one.

I’m Into Something Good | Herman’s Hermits


DAY 19: a song that makes you think about life

Most of the songs that I thought of were, frankly, too dark.

And then there’s this. I was going to go for the classic Jim Croce version, but no. This is too good not to include.

Time In A Bottle | Muppets


DAY 20: a song that has many meanings to you


This is a song that qualifies. And no, you probably don’t know most of the meanings it has for me.

Always On My Mind | Willie Nelson


DAY 21: a song you like with a person’s name in the title

So many it could have been, but I do like this one… especially the sheer fun they’re having performing together.

Rosetta | Alan Price and Georgie Fame


DAY 22: a song that moves you forward

‘Moves you forward’? I’m taking that as something I enjoy – when the foot allows – walking to.

Not a ‘song’ strictly speaking, but it’s my list. So there.

The Opening Theme from SHAFT | Isaac Hayes


DAY 23: a song you think everyone should listen to

Easy choice here, seriously… So bloody easy.

Alternative Right | Mitch Benn


DAY 24: a song by a band you wish were still together

Oh, easy.

The Philosophers’ Song | Monty Python


DAY 25: a song you like by an artist no longer living

Possibly my favourite of her songs, and I’m still upset she’s no longer around. And every so often, it hits again.

Things Would Never Have Worked | Victoria Wood

(Song starts about a minute in)


DAY 26: a song that makes you want to fall in love

I’ve tried not to cheat with this. BUT I’ve genuinely no wish to ever fall in love again, nor have anyone fall for me.

So, I’m cheating.

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ | Long John Baldry and Kathi McDonald


DAY 27: a song that breaks your heart

Every bloody time. (Although Jess Robinson’s version of this, impersonating O’Connor, also breaks my heart every bloody time as well.)

Nothing Compares 2U | Sinéad O’Connor


DAY 28: a song by an artist whose voice you love

Definitely one of those “heard one song by this artist, and immediately wanted to listen to everything she’s ever sung”.

A Night Like This | Caro Emerald


DAY 29: a song you remember from your childhood

Here’s something from February 1973, when I was eight, so I’m pretty sure it qualifies.

Avenues and Alleyways | Tony Christie


DAY 30: a song that reminds you of yourself

For so many reasons, it’s got to be something by my mate Mitch.

And this definitely applies, even it it’s SO inappropriately early, he definitely won’t like me using it.

Christmas Whether You Like It Or Not | Mitch Benn



Well, that was fun… A friend of mine, Al Kennedy, created a follow up, another 30 days… so you can either follow my choices, usually posted about 6pm UK time, on Twitter at @budgie, or wait a month and see what I picked…


Meanwhile, something else tomorrow…

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