Yes, well, I’M rather proud of it as well

Posted: 23 October 2011 in internet, personal
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In the past twenty-four hours, I’ve watched another episode of Sleepers, the latest episode of Hidden, and listened to both Archive Hour: Minding your PMQs and Lord Gnome, aged 47 and 3/4.

All of the above make me, well, you can probably guess.

If not, watch the following, about which two notes:

(a) the bloke at 0:27 is, indeed, me.
(b) the bloke in the rest of it is, indeed, Mitch Benn before he lost the astonishing amount of almost eleven stone (152lbs).

Yeah, I’m proud of the BBC as well. Aren’t you?

  1. Clara says:

    What an excellent blog! Possibly you best ;)

  2. The Bloke at 0.19 is, indeed, me. I was proud of it a year ago, and nothing has arrived to change my mind. Excellent Blog, Lee. I’m glad I took the gamble to come down a year ago and meet you all, it has proved to be one of my better decisions and I don’t make many.

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