Posted: 3 October 2013 in writing
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Apparently, it’s National Poetry Day. Or International Poetry Day. Or, for all I know, InterGalactic Poetry Day. (Watch out for the Vogons, though…)

Although usually my favourite poems tend involve stunt-rhyming, and I’ve written some rhyming fast fictions over the years, I still come back to both El Dorado and The Owl Critic as my absolute personal favourites. (Although I’d also recommend work by Canadian poet Kim Dales Morrisey and also the anthology Know Your Wordsby Al Kennedy, Del Des Anges and Amy Kreines.)

I don’t feel comfortable writing poetry; I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t feel ‘natural’. But sometimes I try…

Here are two I wrote.

Her… And Home
She opens the door, and silent music surrounds me.
A waft of perfume strikes my senses and I’m lost.
She brings me home with a smile.
A toss of auburn hair, a feline glide across the room as she sits.
Clumsiness permeates me as I remove my coat and then –
Her eyes promise so much, and I wish.
The day is over, and yet somehow not.
Later, I watch her, sleeping, all stress removed.
The regular pattern of her breathing soothes me.
At rest, I sleep, safe.
And wake alone.

Hangover? What Hangover?
Bang! Crash! Noise!
Oh God, how much did I drink last night?
My teeth itch; my skull throbs
And why does the world look purple?
I’m sure that you’re supposed to wear
Clothes that are silent.
And how did this balaclava get inside my head?
You’re writing too loud.
Please be quiet.
What’s that you whisper?
Tonight? 8 o’clock?
Sure, why not?
Never agains are for other people.

Happy Poetry reading…

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